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Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) – Identify Friendly (IF) requirement
U.S. forces need the capability to identify coalition forces’ sUAS during training and operations. Coalition forces currently lack the ability to identify friendly Group I and II UAS to distinguish them from similar enemy sUAS. This inability to perform basic IF while de-conflicting operations places both the sUAS and the ground operator in danger of potential fratricide. The seeker is looking fo..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 31-MAR-2018

High Speed SWIR Camera
Short wave infrared cameras provide exceptional contrast for tactical imaging. CTTSO has a customer that requires a high speed SWIR camera with specific attributes to meet a unique mission profile. Some examples of tested products include the Xenics Cheetah which had excessive noise making it unsuitable for the mission profile and the FLIR A6250sc with high noise, small array, and slow frame rat..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 07-APR-2017

Primary Entry Protection
Current access control vestibules utilizing (Forced Entry, Ballistic Resistant) FE/BR doors experience a change in pressure when one of the two doors is opened/closed. This can cause an increase to the time it takes for the door to close and also interfere with the doors ability to latch correctly. A lot of time is wasted waiting for the door to close/latch or having to physically assist the per..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 25-AUG-2016

De-Ice/Anti-Ice solution for the MQ-9 Predator Remotely Piloted Aircraft
The Air Force Special Operations Command has the urgent need to improve the combat capability of currently fielded MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) by integrating an active or passive De-icing system. The current MQ-9 was fielded without the exact understanding of how it was affected by icing. Due to the lack of data, the Air Force imposed conservative flight restrictions in order to reduce ..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 29-MAR-2016

Non-Invasive Measure for Core Body Temperature
The Challenge is to come up with a system to measure core body temperature with a resolution of 0.1C along with test data showing the correlation with either rectal thermometer or radio-pill measures of core temperature. The product must be wearable by a hazardous materials response operator in a Level A/NFPA 1991 fully encapsulated, non-permeable garment where the micro-climate within the garment..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 15-JAN-2016

An Algorithm to Identify Material Mixtures from Raman Spectra
BACKGROUND: Raman spectroscopy is commonly utilized in the field for the identification of bulk powders due to its reliability and high specificity; however, this specificity poses a problem when the unknown bulk powder is a mixture. Each mixture produces unique spectra at different concentrations (non-linear) and current algorithms or systems are not proficient at identifying mixtures based on th..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 07-DEC-2015

Countering Violent Extremism
Terrorist groups propagate their narratives through internet-enabled social media. The resonance of these narratives underlies terrorist recruitment and is recognized as a key component of terrorism's appeal and persistence as a threat to global security. What are the tools and techniques that are available to counter the propagation of these narratives and how they could be holistically implement..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 07-DEC-2015

Detection of Underground Voids and Tactical Tunnels
BACKGROUND: Mining and Gas/oil exploration have led to great technology advances in detection of anomalies underground. Geologist can “see” pockets of materials through thousands of feet of rock. This usually works because there is a great contrast between the background (rock) and the target (oil). Also the “pocket” of target material is usually quite large as well. Even with all this technology,..... learn more
Closed! - Finished on 07-DEC-2015

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