5 simple steps make LINC work

LINC Outgunned

US Operators Identify Capability Gaps

We are constantly talking to the folks on the ground and collecting their always changing needs.

CTTSO Poses Challenges Based on Those Gaps to the USG Lab Community via the LINC Portal

We know a lot of people in this community have great ideas and experience with these types of problems - maybe a past project you were on dealt with a similar issue.

LINC Website

LINC Meeting

Solvers Propose and Discuss Possible Solutions

This is a key part, the crowd-sourced part, where we brainstorm and talk ideas out. Any idea, even partial solutions, are welcome.

CTTSO and Operators Select the Optimal Solution

This is where we bring in the actual folks who need help. They look at all the solutions (even partial ones) and the discussions. Then, they select which ones, if any, can fill their needs.

LINC Solutions

LINC Challenge Winner

The Solver (or Solvers) is Recognized for their Contribution

Last, but certainly not least, is recognizing the winner(s). You did the work, so you get the credit. Each Challenge tells you what the winners are awarded. Also, winners are announced on this site and at your Lab by your Lab Leader.

There are tough problems out there, and you might have a piece to the puzzle that we need, the solution we want to LINC to our operators' needs.

You can get started helping today! Click HERE to register.